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5/3/2015 · #frenchwithvincent Learn how to say in French (and also how to correctly pronounce) words, expressions and sentences!
Need to translate "headache" to French? Here are 4 ways to say it.
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to say i have a headache it would be .. me duele la cabeza literally translated as my head hurts me. dolor de la cabeza. When you say "I have a headache", you use the reflexive.
headache - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de headache, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit.
6/14/2009 · I have this French assessment and I have to memorize and edit a speech, so I was wondering how you say 'and it gave me a headache' in French. Thanks. =)
1/16/2019 · 4) The best way to find out how to say something in French is to ask a native speaker. If you don't know any, you're in luck: our forum is filled with French speakers who are ready to answer your questions — within reason. While we won't translate paragraphs or write letters for you, we are happy to answer your questions, translate short passages, and offer corrections.
5/9/2011 · It's called a "French" kiss for exactly the same reason people used to say "Excuse my French" when they used "vulgarities". America was very puritanical and the Victorian English quite straight-laced when, by comparison, the French aristocracy was positively decadent.
Question: How do you say headache in French? Talking about Parts of the Body in French: If you ever have a bad headache while traveling in a French-speaking country, you might want to go to pharmacy.
5/9/2008 · There's a difference between being wrong and using the language in an original way. In BE it would be quite possible to say 'I'm having a headache', because some people have headaches the way other people have parties, that's to say regularly and painfully.
headache and heartache headache and heartache headache and heartache . What is the duration of Highway of Heartache? ... To say "I hate French" (as in the French language) in French, you would say ...
Can you say headache? for headache or against headache? Gives me a headache/Makes my head hurt Has become a real headache.. head tension/headache headache - plural I have a splitting headache today I stared at him through my headache I've got a serious headache.
5/23/2019 · The formal way to say "How are you?" in French is Comment allez-vous? If you took French in school, this is probably the phrasing you learned. It uses a formal verb inversion construction and the vous (you plural) form. To use inversion in French, invert the conjugated verb and subject pronoun and join them with a hyphen.
How do you say Headache in French? Pronunciation of Headache found 2 audio voices for Headache.
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